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Alternative Finance Terminology A-Z – Part 2 (G-L)

Scrabble letters jumble – Alternative Finance Terminology A-Z – Part 2 (G-L)

“Withdrawal symptoms are what you experience every time you go near your bank” – Anonymous. All industries and disciplines have their very own unique sets of jargon – and the AltFi (that’s an abbreviation for “alternative finance”, by the way) industry is no different. Here’s Part 2 of The Route – Finance’s alternative finance terminology…

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The Route – Finance and Growthdeck Form Joint Venture to Offer Expanded Financing Opportunities in the Alternative Finance Sector

The Route – Finance and Growthdeck

London, (PRWEB), 8th November 2016. The Route – Finance today announced a joint venture with Growthdeck, another London-based alternative finance firm. The partnership will allow both companies to provide a wider range of growth investment opportunities to their clients, as well as a greater ability to deliver funding to SMEs. While The Route – Finance provides…

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Manna Developments Submits Planning Permission to Build Racetrack in Northern Ireland

Lake Torrent Motorsports Racetrack

Property developer Manna Developments has just submitted an application for planning permission on a 183-acre site in County Tyrone. This planning permission will allow the company to begin construction of its highly-anticipated Lake Torrent Motorsports Racetrack, which will be the main attraction of a multi-use development on the site. Manna is confident that the planning…

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Alternative Finance Terminology A-Z – Part 1 (A-F)

Wooden cube letters – Alternative Finance Terminology A-Z – Part 1 (A-F)

“A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don’t need it.” – Bob Hope There is a rather alarming paradox at play in many industries and professions the world over, and it’s this: rather than using their intelligence, the professional world is full of people who instead…

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Debt Financing Vs. Equity Financing – The Pros and The Cons

one way/another way sign post – Debt Financing Vs. Equity Financing – The Pros and The Cons

Let’s begin by stating a simple truth – businesses need finance to grow. In an ideal world, this finance would be taken from the business’s very own booming profits, and growth would be self-perpetuated forever more. Unfortunately, however, this is the real world that we find ourselves in, and the real business world at that,…

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How to Reduce Small Business Debt

debt unchained - How to reduce small business debt

The joy of being an entrepreneur is all-engrossing. The journey is tough, the road paved with enemies and obstacles, but ultimately the rewards are plentiful. Or are they? Quitting your day job to pursue a dream – or perhaps a dream income – takes its toll emotionally and energetically. You have a solid business plan,…

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