How Does It Work?

  • You and others lend money to businesses that require short term finance.
  • You mandate an amount of capital to the Private Debt Platform (PDP) either from cash, your pension (SIPP), company deposits or trust funds.

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Your Return & Fees

  • The Route – Finance targets a return of 15% per annum for its lenders.
  • The interest is subject to income tax, at your highest marginal rate, unless held within your pension.

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Benefits For Lenders

  • All loans will be fully secured with realisable assets – for example property, land and company assets.

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  • All loans will be fully secured with realisable assets providing at least 150% coverage for the loan.
  • Whilst each loan will be fully secured, at the end of the loan term one of three scenarios could occur.

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Want To Know More?

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Better For Investors

tick The Route – Finance targets double digit returns for its lenders, typically 15% per annum.
tick All loans will be fully secured with realisable assets.
tick Lenders can participate using cash, SIPP, Trust or company money.



Lenders Book

It’s time to capitalise on the small business revolution. In this book, you’ll find out how to help the economy and your bank balance at the same time. How? By being the bank, of course.


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