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SMEs’ Search for the Fastest Route to Finance

SME’s Are Losing Out Leaving Cash in the Bank Small businesses are benefiting from an increase in bank approval rates, according to research from BiZ2Credit. It reports that 25 per cent of SME loan applications at large banks were approved in October.   This is an improvement from the dismal post-recession statistics when the large banks…

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Concerns Mount for The P2P Sector

The industry is bracing itself for what could be the toughest test of the peer-to-peer (P2P) sector to date with a wave of providers expressing concerns over the recovery potential of some platform’s loans.   According to AltFi Data, the sector is worth an estimated £12 billion and analysts say they cannot accurately predict how…

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Universal Borrowing Price Comparison Gets Closer

  Last year the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) issued a directive to small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) lenders to advertise their products with an annual percentage rate (APR) to show more clearly the cost of the borrowing. This proposal is to take effect from August and was mandated to allow clear comparison of products…

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The Bank Referral Scheme Has Made Zero Impact

  The alternative finance industry was given a boost last year when the UK Government mandated that loans applications rejected by high street lenders must be referred to alternative finance providers. The Bank Referral scheme has so far failed to make any impact and now, just months after the introduction of this finance match-making service,…

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How to Reduce Small Business Debt

debt unchained - How to reduce small business debt

The joy of being an entrepreneur is all-engrossing. The journey is tough, the road paved with enemies and obstacles, but ultimately the rewards are plentiful. Or are they? Quitting your day job to pursue a dream – or perhaps a dream income – takes its toll emotionally and energetically. You have a solid business plan,…

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35% of SMEs Refused Loans by ‘The Big 4’

The economic crisis was a wake up call for key financial players the world over. Ever since, lenders have been keener than ever to seek out higher returns on investments, and borrowers have been more determined to get better access to reliable credit, and, of course, lower interest rates. However, the banks, quite frankly, since…

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