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Understanding Development Finance – How Much Can You Borrow?

Entrepreneurs thrive on their ability to identify and satisfy demand in a particular market. And from an entrepreneurial perspective, there can be few markets that are so self-evidently rich in pent up demand as residential property.    Estimates of that demand vary, but the settled view of Government is that the UK needs to build…

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Preparing to Borrow For A Property Development Project  

Property development opportunities take many forms, so naturally enough, there are also numerous finance options. When preparing to borrow to fund a project, it’s important not only to match the source of finance to the project, but also to think about what the lender will require before signing off on a deal. So depending on…

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Turning Offices Into Homes – Financing a New Property Development Opportunity

Britain’s town and city centres have undergone huge changes over the last few decades. As manufacturing declined, many of the light and heavy industrial units that operated in close proximity to shopping and residential areas have been converted to offices or, more recently, apartments. Looking to the future, as retailers come under pressure, many analysts…

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